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Self Flying Technology
Self Flying Technology
This tech empowers vehicles to autonomously fly, dynamically adjusting paths in real-time amid weather, traffic, and terrain considerations. Users input waypoints, and the system orchestrates logistics, obviating the need for a certified pilot.
Highly Efficient Propulsion System
Highly Efficient Propulsion System
The indigenously developed high voltage propulsion system, coupled with the SiC signal processor integrated as a system on chip, establishes a distinct and highly effective solution for high altitude operations.
Multi-Utility Smart Cargo Pods
Multi-Utility Smart Cargo Pods
Our modular Aerial Platform features a range of cargo pods for diverse supply needs. It seamlessly integrates different pods without calibration, and smart pods autonomously calculate weight and center of gravity for safe flights.
3-Point Fail-Safe Technology
3-Point Fail-Safe Technology
The distributed propulsion system technology ensures a two-point redundancy. Even if two motors fail, the vehicle remains airworthy and can continue flying. In the rare event of a complete propulsion system failure, the descent can be safely controlled through a Ballistic Parachute Mechanism.
Predictive Maintenance Technology
Predictive Maintenance Technology
The vehicle's smart features include predictive maintenance and automated pre-flight checks. It uses noise profiling, current stress tests, and other analyses to predict maintenance needs for each part, ensuring top performance and safety.

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At BONV, our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience convenience and safety through cutting-edge drone technology. Behind every successful venture lies a dedicated team of professionals committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Meet the passionate individuals who are driving our vision to provide unparalleled drone services for our valued customers.


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